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about aspen pediatrics

Our vision is to be the most joyful place to give and receive care for children.

We grow thriving future generations, together. By providing caregivers unselfish support and opportunity, we enable them to in turn give children accessible care delivered with compassion, joy and integrity.

Joy. Integrity. Care. Unselfishness.

Our Team.

Dr. Impeduglia ("Dr. I") and Hannah work hand in hand to steward the culture and success of Aspen. Dr. I has spent over thirty years caring for his young patients and leading teams in Southern Maryland. Hannah spent the first decade of her career serving in the USMC. After completing graduate school, she moved into healthcare operations in Southern California. After spending time in the dental software industry, she returned to her passion of service for the greater good, establishing Aspen Peds in late 2022.

About the aspen.

Aspens are the most widespread tree in North America, and the aspens in Utah are the oldest living organisms in the world.

Aspens grow together – sharing nutrients and resources to thrive as a community. Their only definite need to flourish is abundant sunshine. We are both the aspens and sunlight – let us leave a bright legacy.

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